While negotiators hammer out a new climate accord in Paris, an army of supporters has been pushing out a digitally-amplified public relations campaign for more drastic cutbacks in greenhouse gases and larger cash transfers from rich countries to poor ones to bolster the United Nations-sponsored deal, which is supposed to be signed on December 11.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the orchestrated “civil society” propaganda campaign a “tsunami trend” on Monday during an 8-hour, globally-streamed talkathon titled, “Earth To Paris,” in the French capital’s Petit Palais exhibition hall. The talkfest was slated to continue for four hours on Tuesday at UNESCO’s Paris headquarters.

Among other things, supporters were urged to bombard world leaders with “love letters,” organize neighborhood “watch parties” for the event, and post messages of support with a #EarthToParis hashtag on social media accounts.

Secretary of State John Kerry also took part in the “Earth to Paris” event, along with climate activists, academic environmental planners, representatives of renewable energy firms and investments funds, and de rigeur cameo appearances on video by U.S. and international entertainment stars, including actors Matt Damon and Jack Black.

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