The press once again grilled State Department officials Monday, forcing them to reveal that they have no clue where the controversial $400 million payment from the US government actually ended up.

In an unbelievable exchange with reporters, State Department spokesman Mark Toner admitted that he has no idea who picked up the $400 million in cash that was put on a plane to Iran. Toner claimed that the Obama administration knows where the money went.

“Do you know who picked up the money?” asked Associated Press reporter Bradley Klapper.

“I don’t,” Toner replied.

“Who’d you pay?” Klapper asked.

“I believe it was Iranian officials and Iranian government officials, but I don’t know particularly who individually it was,” Toner said.

“Do you know from which part of the Iranian government you paid?” Klapper asked.

“I don’t have that information, no,” Toner said.

“Does the administration know who it paid?” Klapper asked.

“I’m certain they would, yes,” Toner answered.

Toner added that he also had no idea whether the information would ever be made public.

Critics have previously noted that the money could easily have ended up in the hands of terrorist groups actively supported by elements of the Iranian government.

The exchange was one of several to come out of another round of press questioning on the Iran payment debacle.

Spokesman John Kirby took another grilling over the subject of whether a 2013 State Department briefing, pertaining to the controversial Iran nuclear deal, was deceptively edited by unnamed government officials because it contained State Department officials admitting that they sometimes lie to the press.

Kirby also admitted that Cheryl Mills, who worked at the State Department as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, was constantly in touch with chief operating officer of the Clinton Foundation, Laura Graham.

The call logs show that Mills made hundreds of phone calls and left some 150 messages for Graham during her time working under Clinton. The revelation dovetails with charges against Clinton that she abused her position in the State Department by offering favors to Clinton Foundation donors.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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