On Monday Infowars reported on remarks made by Curly Haugland of the Republican National Committee. He said delegates may “vote according to their personal choice in all matters to come before the Republican National Convention, including the vote to nominate the Republican Candidate for President” and disregard voters.

On Wednesday Haugland expanded on his remarks.

He told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” voters are irrelevant when it comes to selecting a candidate for the presidential nomination.

“The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here,” the North Dakota Republican said.

Haugland also questioned why primaries are held.

Despite Donald Trump’s huge delegate lead in the race, CNBC questions if he will ultimately receive the 1,237 delegates required to claim the GOP nomination before the convention.

“This could lead to a brokered convention, in which unbound delegates, like Haugland, could play a significant swing role on the first ballot to choose a nominee,” writes Matthew J. Belvedere.

“It could introduce Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, or it could be the other candidates that have already been in the race and are now out of the race [such as] Mike Huckabee [or] Rick Santorum. All those people could eventually become candidates on the floor,” said Gary Emineth who is, like Haugland, an unbound delegate from North Dakota.

“The rules haven’t kept up,” Haugland added. “The rules are still designed to have a political party choose its nominee at a convention. That’s just the way it is. I can’t help it. Don’t hate me because I love the rules.”

Emineth warned party officials may pull ”some shenanigan” within the rules committee. “You have groups of people who are going to try to take over the rules committee,” he said. “[That] could totally change everything, and mess things up with the delegates. And people across the country will be very frustrated.”

He said that frustration may discourage Americans from voting Republican.

Trump: Riots if Establishment Rigs Nomination

Donald Trump predicted there will be large scale riots if the establishment prevents him from becoming the Republican nominee.

“I don’t think you can say we don’t get it automatically,” he said. “I think you’d have riots. I think you’d have riots. I’m representing many, many millions of people, in many cases first-time voters Many Democrats, many independents coming in. That’s what the big story is really.”

“The really big story is how many people are voting in these primaries. The numbers are astronomical,” Trump added.

“Now, if you disenfranchise those people, and you say, well, I’m sorry, you’re 100 votes short, even though the next one is 500 votes short, I think you would have problems like you’ve never seen before I think bad things would happen, I really do. I believe that. I wouldn’t lead it, but I think bad things would happen.”

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