Under the expansion of the Affordable Care Act there are 11.5 million able-bodied adults who are enrolled in Medicaid, more than double what was originally projected, according to a report from the Foundation for Government Accountability.

In April 2015, the foundation began tracking the 24 states that expanded Medicaid. The states projected that only 5.5 million adults would enroll.

“Newly-obtained data from these 24 states shows that at least 11.5 million able-bodied adults have now enrolled in Obamacare expansion—an overrun of 110 percent or more than double projections,” the report said. “Some states have signed up more than four times as many able-bodied adults as they said would ever enroll.”

The states that have expanded Medicaid since that time—Alaska, Indiana, Louisiana, and Montana—have all enrolled more able-bodied adults than projected.

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