Under siege. That’s how some south Texas landowners describe life on the border and why they are allowing citizen and militia patrols on their ranches. FOX7’s Rudy Koski went on patrol with the co-founder of a group called the Texas Border Volunteers.

In a special borderland report, Rudy shows us how their missions are being affected by the recent security surge by DPS.

Dr. Mike Vickers typically spends his days at his Falfurrias clinic. But caring for animals is not his only passion, he is also determined to protect his land.

“This is our home and we are not going to let it run us off.”

Vickers has boxes of pictures of illegal aliens caught on his brooks county ranch – some next to his home – and some caught at his front door. Many simply are desperate people looking for a better life- but there are others – gang members – looking to make trouble. It’s why Vickers never leaves home without packing protection.

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