It was time to go #UnderCoverAntifa, since the media would not. The left is in a quandary. They sympathize with their cause, but find some of Antifa’s tactics “problematic.” Which is why recently, the left has tried distancing themselves from the “anti-fascist” group.

Start increasing that distance, guys. Sprint. Take the advice of Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, because after this video goes viral, the media must distance itself faster. 

Incidentally, if the left is so against guns, why does Antifa have guns in their cars? Can we expect the anti-gun groups to condemn Antifa? If the left claims to hate violence, then surely, surely, every leftist from Hillary Clinton to Van Jones will come out and thoroughly denounce Antifa after this. Right? Wait, right?

Again, we’re not asking for anyone to be doxxed. But if you recognize someone, if you know someone who’s working within Antifa, report them to the authorities before someone gets shanked. Antifa seems to use any and all excuses to be violent. Even calling Super Jew Ben Shapiro, who likely stands at a threatening 5’9″ a “Nazi.” That’s reaching.

What do you think? Is this the end of Antifa? Or will the media do whatever it can to protect it?

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