Blake McEwan
June 21, 2012

The purpose of political correctness and multiculturalism is to break society down into hostile factions perpetually at war with each other. If humanity is divided along ethnic, racial and religious lines it can never come together and defeat the real enemy – the ruling hereditary elite.

photoUnfair Campaign website features an image of a man with Tawana Brawleyesque graffitii scrawled on his face.

The Unfair Campaign is a prime example of this insidious effort to keep us at each other’s throats. It promotes racialism and the preposterous idea that white people are inherently racist. “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white” is its tagline. The idea here is that all white people ignore a nagging racism that will persist until they confess their racist nature and atone for their sins (usually by allowing the state to confiscate even more money from them and dole it out to the supposedly aggrieved party).

The Unfair Campaign promotes the “white privilege” concept. So-called critical race theory scholars argue that “whiteness” is a form of property that is protected by social and legal institutions like apartheid and Jim Crow laws (despite the fact such institutional constructs no longer exist). The Unfair Campaign is an effort to focus attention not so much on disadvantages suffered by racial minorities, but on the supposed advantages of white people who are born into the illusion of white privilege. The goal is to foster and promote so-called white guilt. It also creates an atmosphere where wealth redistribution is politically possible. Critical race theory scholars have invented a “wealth gap” that assumes whites accrue their wealth through racism.

Not surprisingly, the Unfair Campaign is connected to the Ford Foundation, notorious for its collaborative effort with the CIA to fund and direct cultural fronts. The CIA, as Peter Dale Scott and others have documented, was created as a cornerstone of the national security state by the Wall Street financial aristocracy. It has performed clandestine operations for the ruling elite for more than sixty years.

The ruling elite – call them the New World Order, the Illuminati, the black nobility, all of these are basically terms for the same thing – believe they are genetically and thus racially superior to the rest of humanity. In order to realize their globalist one-world utopia based on Plato’s Republic of rule by enlightened intelligentsia, they must foment discord, disharmony, hatred and violence amongst the plebeian masses – in short, order out of chaos. The Ford Foundation Unfair Campaign is only the latest in a long line of campaigns designed to keep the vassals from coming together.

Because racism is so divisive, it is a perfect strategy for keeping people apart and thus incapable of acting in accord against the real enemy of humanity. Obama was selected to pretend to be our leader specifically for this reason. His critics are now routinely dismissed as virulent throwback racists who are not entitled to contribute to any political or social dialogue. Since Obama is merely a spokesman for the elite, the racist red herring is but another way to shut down the opposition.

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