Aaron Dykes
October 29, 2010

Former President Bill Clinton can be seen in the background campaigning for Rep. Kanjorski as numerous thugs in yellow shirts from a local union surround and intimidate a member of We Are Change.

In this video from a rally in Pennsylvania, We Are Change member Anthony Antonello is literally surrounded by a gang of union thugs in yellow shirts who physically intimidated him and hurled insults after he heckled former President Bill Clinton during a stump speech for Rep. Kanjorski. One of the union members tells him, “You looking for trouble, you found it,” as the group circles around him. A woman can be heard shouting, “The Secret Service has your number,” as stern faces stared him down. Various others in yellow shirts added, “Nobody wants you here,” and “I didn’t come to hear you,” as well as some other language.

A reporter (see video) spoke to Antonello after he left the building. She told him she had witnessed what had happened, commenting that the union members had surrounded him “real fast.” Antonello appeared to be alone and clearly felt uncomfortable with their actions by the end.

Watch the video. Warning: Some offensive language used by some of the union thugs.

He had disrupted Clinton by shouting “End the Fed” and otherwise interjecting issues related to the out-of-control printing of inflationary paper dollars by the the Federal Reserve, a private bank with the coloration of being a government entity. The crowd reacted to Antonello’s statements not only with disapproval, but with a threatening display of group force. He was essentially intimidated out of the building, and also claims he was kicked in the leg. By contrast, no action was taken against the woman who repeatedly shouted, “Bush’s fault.”

Ironically, Rep. Kanjorski has previously admitted he hopes to avoid the public, stopping appearances at town-hall meetings and commenting that he didn’t want to encourage “nuts to hit me with a camera.” Congressmen are supposed to face their critics and constituents alike, and citizen-journalism is part of the backbone of the spirit of this nation.

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You Tube user ThErEdPiLl09 writes that the “Union thugs tried intimidating Anthony Antonello because they didn’t know what the federal reserve is.” Obviously they did not respect his free speech either, enshrined by the 1st Amendment specifically to protect unpopular speech (as at a political event).

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The only mention of the rather startling incident in local media was the Daily Caller, who said this in the very last paragraph of its two-page report: “One man interrupted Clinton at several points early in his speech, yelling for the abolishment of the Federal Reserve. The man was told to leave by others in the crowd, and was seen leaving the building videotaping himself as he talked about being kicked in the shins.”

The rally took place at a school in the Nanticoke area in Pennsylvania, where Clinton campaigned for the re-election of Democratic Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski, said to be in danger of losing his seat in the anti-incumbent tide. P.S. As an aside, at around 7:40 in the video, Bill Clinton can be heard talking about a “moneybomb,” a form of fundraising developed in 2008 for the Ron Paul Revolution.


Aaron Dykes is frequent writer for Infowars.com and webmaster for JonesReport.com. He is also a videographer, researcher and editor who has worked on numerous documentaries and video reports.

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