Claiming that Donald Trump is “antithetical” to “social justice,” a Catholic university has banned its golf team from practicing on a Trump-owned course.

Barry University Vice President Sara Herald claimed the decision to ban the team from playing at the Trump Doral golf course near Miami, Florida, was not “political,” yet admitted the decision was based on Trump’s political positions.

“As a practice, Barry University does not engage in business relationships where senior leadership of a company takes a public position, or the company’s guiding principles are, antithetical to the university’s core commitments of Inclusive Community and/or Social Justice,” she told Campus Reform. “This practice, which has been in place for some time, is not political, as we do not take positions relative to candidates.”

However, the statements Trump made that triggered Herald were made by Trump the presidential candidate, not Trump the CEO.

And the university’s golf team, which has won three national championships in nine years and uses the Trump Doral course free-of-charge, will be hurt by the decision the most.

“I can tell you that this decision has affected us quite a bit because Doral is one of the nicest courses in Florida, with outstanding practice facilities and the golf courses in the resort are really hard and challenging,” golfer Alberto Bianco said. “They would be ideal for our golf team to practice on because they will provide us with tough playing conditions which we don’t find a lot of where we play now.”

In other words, the university is sacrificing its golf players as pawns to make a political statement.

And it’s also likely the decision will create a chilling effect on free speech because Trump supporters at Barry University will now fear backlash from school officials if they openly support the GOP frontrunner.

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