Gregory Tate
University Star
April 26, 2012

The University of Texas unveiled a plan to install two fluoride-free drinking fountains on their campus. UT heralded this plan as the “first in the nation,” but Texas State’s water fountains have always been fluoride-free.

Water fluoridation is the process in which fluoride is added to water by the government. This fluoride is added to prevent tooth decay, but has become controversial over the years due to concerns about how safe the compound is.

Robert Love, UT public affairs graduate student, was the author of the bill passed by UT’s Student Government to install reverse-osmosis water fountains on their campus, thus making the water fluoride-free. >>>Read full article

UT to get fluoride-free water fountains

March 29, 2012

AUSTIN — The University of Texas will be the first school in the nation to provide fluoride-free water fountains.

Student government approved the bill 35 to 2 Wednesday night to protect women and African-Americans. >>>Read full article

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