According to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, making kissing sounds or telling a joke that includes sexual humor represents “sexual harassment”.

A guide posted on the university’s official website asserts that “kissing sounds,” “leering,” “sexually oriented humor or language,” and “invading someone’s personal space” all constitute “sexual harassment”.

“Providing lists of examples of harassment like this can serve to chill speech on campus, as many will look at the examples and either deduce that those things listed are simply forbidden, or that it is not worth the risk of having a complaint filed against them if someone is offended by their speech,” Ari Cohn, a lawyer with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education told Campus Reform.

The university’s ‘network use agreement’ also bans students from contacting people via email without prior permission or strict necessity, warning that students, “may not write, talk or send mail to anyone [they] do not know or have a legitimate reason to contact.”

This is by no means the first time the university has drawn criticism as a result of its obsession with political correctness.

Indeed, a campaign launched by the college entitled ‘Just Words’ asserted that even the term “politically correct” when used as a pejorative is a politically incorrect “microaggression”.

Other words and terms that were deemed offensive as part of the campaign included “lame,” “retarded,” “thug,” “illegal alien,” “crazy,” “welfare queen,” and “trash”.

As we previously highlighted, flyers being posted at colleges in Canada also educate students that “sexual violence” now includes ‘disrespecting’ someone verbally and that this is a criminal offense.

In other words, calling a woman a “slut” on campus will now be treated as an act of sexual violence with potential repercussions from law enforcement.

Advocacy groups at some colleges are also asking students to take a photo together before they have sex and sign a contract in the spirit of California’s controversial “Yes Means Yes” law.

The entire ‘college rape crisis’ narrative is based on the myth that one in five female students are victims of rape.

In reality, those statistics have been repeatedly debunked. The actual figures show that young women on campus are less likely to be victims of rape than women in the general population.


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