Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos and his network colleagues have been released after Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro detained them Monday night because he “did not like their questions,” Daniel Coronell, the president of news for Univision in the U.S., tweeted Monday evening.

About two hours after Coronell’s initial tweet, Coronell said he had spoken with Ramos, one of the most prominent news anchors on Spanish-language television in the United States.


“He and the other team members were released,” Coronell tweeted. “The equipment and the material of the interview that he disliked @NicolasMaduro were confiscated.”

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Senator Marco Rubio tweeted a picture of a bloody Muammar Gaddafi at Nicolás Maduro as a threat to his regime. Alex Jones breaks down how war hawk lawmakers continue to drive a permanent war agenda.

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