This past week confirms what we’ve been warning about for years.

Progressives and social justice warriors have launched an ideological jihad against free speech and the very bedrock of what education is supposed to represent.

Free thinking, logic, debate, dissent, open inquiry.

Under their new regime of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and the right to not be offended, the intolerant, regressive left has targeted all these things for abolition.

At Universities across America, administrators agreed to literally rip up copies of the Constitution because it “triggered” investigators who were posing as students.

At Yale, a professor was surrounded by a hysterical mob who used Maoist Red Guard tactics to intimidate and shout him down.

His hate crime? Writing an email critical of the students’ efforts to censor “offensive” Halloween costumes.

At Missouri University, President Tim Wolfe and others were forced to resign in part for not acknowledging their “white privilege” and refusing to echo the debunked narrative behind the Michael Brown shooting.

Radicals and professors then openly called for using mob violence to silence the First Amendment right of the press to cover the story.

Meanwhile, universities in the UK arrange conferences on censorship, and then censor conservatives from taking part because they might offend someone.

For years, people have played down the threat posed by SJWs to free speech, claiming ‘oh they’re just dumb teenagers on Tumblr. Just ignore them, they’ll go away.’

This past week has completely demolished that naiveity.

These people will be teaching our children. They’ll be in government, with the full force of the state behind them.

Now even liberal professors are admitting they are terrified of their own students’ zealotry.

Instead of producing the next generation of intellectuals, these universities are churning out crazed cult members who have declared war on free speech.

This is not going to end well for society.

And unless actual liberals stand up for the virtues of true intellectual tolerance and authentic, classical liberalism, the future for free speech in the west is doomed.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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