Unmarked black helicopters are being used to target legal pot growers in Mendocino County, but the identity of the men involved in destroying the plants remains a mystery, with the federal government and law enforcement bodies denying involvement.

SF Weekly’s Chris Roberts describes how 58-year-old Butch Small, a user of medical marijuana, witnessed an all black helicopter with no insignia swooping around Potter Valley before unloading men in camouflage fatigues who proceeded to destroy legal pot plants.

Small saw the men drop, “Onto a nearby plot of land belonging to a timber company. The helicopter brought up a load of cut-down pot plants. Small watched as the helicopter cleared that grow and then another before it zoomed overhead and dropped down on his neighbor’s land, where that year’s high-CBD crop, 55 plants on two parcels of land, was reaching maturity. By the time Small jumped in his truck and sped over to his neighbor’s ranch, the men were on the ground and cutting down the legal plants, he claims.”

Despite the fact that law enforcement officers are supposed to identify themselves and leave behind documentation when they destroy a pot garden, the only identification the men provided were thermal tops with the word ‘POLICE’ stenciled on them.

According to Roberts, the men, “may have been the same mysterious crew that’s accused of ripping up supposedly legal grows all over Mendocino County this summer.”

Speculation is raging that the men are part of “hired paramilitary-style private security forces,” but their role in cutting down perfectly legal pot gardens only began this summer, according to Small.

Both the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office have denied any involvement in the activities, while the U.S. Forest Service and the California Department of Justice have also distanced themselves from the operation.

“Something is happening for sure,” an industry representative told Roberts, noting that 15-20 other eyewitnesses have also reported the strange unmarked choppers.

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