The quote by rapper Kanye West that Alex Jones and President Trump were “matrix-breakers” was quietly removed from an interview without a correction or update issued.

West made the statement during an interview about his upcoming album with music magazine The Fader; however, within hours, that quote was quietly removed.

“The Jones and Trump quote was picked up by Spin and other outlets, like Vulture and Stereogum,” Spin magazine reported Friday. “But at some point between Thursday afternoon and Thursday night, the quote, which sounds a hell of a lot like an endorsement of both the president and the right wing conspiracy peddler, quietly disappeared from The Fader’s post.”

This attempt to memory-hole anything and everything demonstrates the next level of online censorship, where even the basic words of a world-famous musician are carefully curated so as not to buck the cultural establishment in any way.

As Spin noted, the move is especially brazen given Kanye’s well-known political stance, after he came out as a Trump supporter earlier this year by donning a Make America Great Again hat on Twitter, as well as subsequent appearances on various shows, such as his recent appearance on SNL.

The authoritarian left is determined to “unperson” Alex Jones – and conservatives and libertarians in general – from the web by any means necessary ahead of the midterms, even if that means erasing quotes from other high-profile individuals who simply mention the Infowars founder or promote a populist viewpoint.

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