Tens of thousands of pages detailing the case for impeachment against former President Bill Clinton have remained locked away from the public for almost 20 years.

Although many believe that the report issued by then Independent Counsel Ken Starr revealed the final findings of his investigation of Clinton in the late 1990’s, around 60,000 pages of documents seen by only a few people describe the House Judiciary Committee’s case against the 42nd president.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde hired Chicago attorney and Democrat David Schippers to be the Chief Investigative Counsel to help prosecute the committee’s case against Clinton. Schippers described to American Family Radio’s Sandy Rios Friday how the evidence against Clinton was stored and studied by Congress at the time.

Ureleased Evidence Against Bill Clinton Is Still Sealed In Congress

“It was a locked guarded room. The rules were only members of the committee–not their staff–nobody else–only members of the committee had access to that room. They had to sign in and sign out. They could take nothing in with them and they could bring nothing out,” Schippers said.

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