In an attack against Alex Jones, Chelsea Clinton claimed Michelle Obama was “honorable, brave, beloved and beautiful,” which is almost exactly the same praise given to Caitlyn Jenner after her transformation.

After Bruce Jenner “transformed” into Caitlyn in 2015, major PR firms were showering him/her with praise by calling Caitlyn “brave” and “beautiful,” which was parroted by public supporters.

“The person guiding the strategy behind the scenes has been Alan Nierob, a seasoned showbiz publicist and longtime exec at Rogers & Cowan,” reported Variety. “Jenner hired Nierob, who has handled crisis PR for some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson, for help in guiding her through a storm of media attention as she came out as transgender.”

The PR propaganda was so cringy and over-the-top that South Park even mocked it in an episode called “Stunning and Brave.”

“I thought we were all on board that Caitlyn Jenner is an amazing beautiful woman who had the exquisite bravery of a beautiful butterfly flying against the wind,” the PC Principal said. “And then this s–t flies out of people’s mouths!”

Brave and beautiful… isn’t that what Chelsea just said in defense of Michelle?

Also, the word “honorable” has been used to describe trans people a lot recently amid President Trump’s trans ban in the military.

“The first transgender veteran I knew introduced themselves as Mike… Mike had served a long and honorable career, in peace and war,” wrote Esquire’s Robert Bateman in an op/ed. “Then Mike disappeared, without a word.”

“…Michelle was pre-op, living her required year in her true gender, and though it took others a while to get used to it, soon enough we were back to our old levels of comfort and openness in discussion. Michelle, in many ways, continued to be a mentor to me in military issues.”

Chelsea also said the site,, will never be “honorable, brave, beloved and beautiful.” Doesn’t it sound a little weird to describe a web site with that kind of phrasing? Unless if it’s intended to convey a double meaning, perhaps – or to troll Infowars.

That really activates your almonds, doesn’t it?

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