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July 23, 2011

Due to the popularity of this issue in our comment area, and in the interest of truth, we present another (shocking) update to this story.

The plot thickens:

A police shooting that stirred community outcry and street protests took a stunning turn Thursday when investigators said they now believe a 19-year-old Washington parolee being sought for questioning in a Seattle murder fatally shot himself in the neck.

“We believe that the fatal wound on Mr. Harding’s body was self-inflicted,” Biel said.

John Sanchez, a criminalist at the San Francisco Crime Lab, said the .380-caliber bullet found in Harding’s head was not consistent with the.40-caliber guns issued to San Francisco police.

“The bullet could not have been fired from any department-issued firearm,” Sanchez said.

Medical personnel found an unfired .380-caliber bullet in Harding’s right jacket pocket, but the gun itself was not recovered, Biel said.

“We want to take this opportunity to reach out to the community in locating the correct weapon,” Biel said. “We believe the weapon that we are looking for is a .380-caliber handgun.”

A gun recovered by police late Saturday as part of the investigation was a .45-caliber pistol and could not have fired the fatal shot, police said.

Source: CBS Sacramento
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UPDATED: July 20, 2011 12:00 CST

The following video depicts the scene in the San Francisco shooting from a second angle, in which it is claimed that the gun can be seen laying on the ground before it is picked up by an individual wearing a hoody.

Link to KTVU news report:

Raw Cell Phone video:

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Was it a gun?

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The following graphic video was taken in San Francisco on July 16, 2011, where a man was reportedly shot at by police six to ten times when he tried to flee after failing to produce a train ticket. According to reports, he was shot in the back while running from police. In the video, recorded by an onlooker, the 19 year old man struggles for life for a few moments and then his body lay motionless on the pavement as police hold the crowd at bay. Initial reports provided by Jack Blood’s Dead Line Live viaDomas Jefferson indicate the man was unarmed, but SF PD reported the following day that a silver handgun was found. Witnesses can be heard asking police where the gun is, and no such weapon is apparently visible in the video (though the SF Gate account below indicates there is a weapon visible).

No video of the actual encounter has been made available yet (if it even exists), but the following video is taken seconds after the shooting:

*Warning: Graphic Video; Language*

(Original Video posted at Godlike Productions)

UPDATE July 19, 2011 @ 11:15AM: Two Different Accounts Emerge (source)

The 19 year old man has been identified as Kenneth Wade Harding, a recent parolee who was being sought by police as a person of interest in a shooting that killed one and wounded three last week.

Two different accounts of the incident have emerged.

Police officials said at a news conference that ShotSpotter, a gunshot detection and location system, had recorded 10 shots fired over the course of six seconds Saturday as police chased 19-year-old Kenneth Wade Harding near Third Street in the Bayview – one shot at first, followed 1.9 seconds later by nine in rapid succession.

The technology cannot determine which shots came from which guns. But Police Chief Greg Suhr said witnesses have told investigators that they saw the muzzle flash from a gun that Harding was shooting from under his arm.


…Harding was stopped at 4:44 p.m. Saturday by two uniformed officers who, while patrolling Third Street between Oakdale and Palou avenues, were conducting a fare inspection on a Muni light-rail platform.

When the officers tried to talk to Harding, he ran into Mendell Plaza and fired a gun from under his arm, police said.

The officers fired back, hitting Harding, police said.

Bayview resident Henry Taylor said that he had seen the incident and that Harding had not shot at police.

“What I saw was a young man running for his life,” Taylor said.

Some witnesses say they saw no gun, while police maintain that Harding fired at them:

An amateur video has surfaced online showing the mortally wounded Harding and what appears to be a gun on the pavement nearby. The weapon disappeared from the scene, but Suhr said informants had provided information that led to a parolee’s house in the Bayview, where police found a .45-caliber pistol that they think was Harding’s.


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