Russian general urges his government to wise up to the threat on its borders

Kurt Nimmo
February 24, 2014

Gen. Leonid Ivashov: US and EU threatening Russia with “a new type of war” that begin as informational and psychological operations. Photo: Axis for Peace
Gen. Leonid Ivashov: US and EU threatening Russia with “a new type of war” that begins as informational and psychological operations. Photo: Axis for Peace

On February 5 a Russian news website,, posted an interview with Gen. Leonid Ivashov, the former foreign relations head of the Russian Ministry of Defense and current president of the Academy of Geopolitical Studies. The interview was completely ignored by the corporate media in the United States and Europe due to its frank examination of the EuroMaidan revolution in Ukraine and the role played by Obama’s State Department and EU ministers in overthrowing the democratically elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych.

Ivashov said the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria represent “a new type of war” that begin as informational and psychological operations. EU officials and Secretary of State John Kerry, Ivashov said, “very conscientiously and scrupulously studied and continue to study the doctrine of Dr. Goebbels,” the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it,” Goebbels said, expanding on Hitler’s definition of the Big Lie.

I think our Foreign Ministry does not understand that there is a war, and the war has its own laws,” Ivashov explained. The new war has an “anti-Russian orientation,” but this is not fully understood by the Russian Foreign Ministry. If it was, Russia would present the facts “as they are” and the real agenda of the United States and the European Union would be exposed.

The Syrian and Ukraine interventions, Ivashov said, are controlled from Brussels, the headquarters of the EU. “They make plans, carry out a coordinating function, provide installation and finance. This is true for Syria, and with regard to Ukraine.”

Moreover, what Obama and Kerry have “encouraged in Kiev” – violent demonstrations where armed paramilitaries target police – would be “severely repressed” in the United States. “European leaders have dispersed unauthorized demonstrations using water cannons and demonstrators are imprisoned. But they hold the opposite position in the case of Ukraine.”

In the United States, for instance, the government conspired to undermine the non-violent Occupy Wall Street movement and went so far as to target leaders of the movement for assassination. The effort to demonize and attack the political opposition in the United States spans decades, most notably under the aegis of the FBI, America’s political police, and its COINTELPRO operation.

In addition to mobilizing demonstrations through “democracy” NGOs and agencies of the U.S. government, the United States placed warships in the Black Sea (under the pretense they would be used to provide security at the Sochi Olympic Games) and sent an influx of tanks to Germany prior to the orchestrated overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected government.

Moreover, the so-called EU “Association Agreement” ultimately rejected by Yanukovych and cited as a pretext igniting demonstrations in the Ukrainian capitol, was in fact a NATO Trojan Horse, not an economic remedy for the Ukrainian people.

For NATO, the goal is expansion,” former Congressman Dennis Kucinich wrote last December, well before the engineered explosion removing Yanukovych from office. “The prize is access to a country that shares a 1,426-mile border with Russia. The geopolitical map would be dramatically reshaped by the Agreement, with Ukraine serving as the new front for Western missile defense at the doorstep of Russia.”

On February 5, Ivashov warned about the possibility NATO troops would be required to restore order. Due to the success of the coup and the speedy collapse of the government, however, this option was not required. Over the weekend, Ukraine’s new leaders promised to deliver the country into the hands of the IMF and unelected EU ministers.

The final stage in Ukraine will be an attempt to wrest Crimea away from Russia. On Sunday, Time magazine speculated the peninsula, overwhelmingly Russian in orientation, will ultimately appeal to Russia for protection, thus igniting a conflict similar to the one in South Ossetia in 2008. That short war was initiated by the U.S. puppet, Mikheil Saakashvili, who oversaw the murder of Russian peacekeepers in the autonomous Georgian Oblast that had declared independence in 1990. The conflict, as Paul Craig Roberts notes, was blamed on Russia by the corporate media despite the role played by Saakashvili.

The pattern, now increasingly understood by the Russians, is unmistakeable. The EuroMaidan revolution ushering in the predatory vulture economic policies of the financial elite operating out of the IMF and the totalitarian globalist agenda of the EU is a nuanced repeat of what went down in Saakashvili’s Georgia. Orchestrated out of the U.S.State Department by then ambassador to Georgia, Richard Miles, the so-called Rose Revolution in 2003 was a creature of the same forces at work in Ukraine – the National Endowment for Democracy, George Soros’ Open Society Georgia Foundation, and other subversive NGOs controlled by the globalists.

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