Press TV
June 4, 2013

Press TV has conducted an interview with Alex Jones, Infowars.Com, Texas, about the issue of the suspicious death five months ago of Aaron Schwartz an outspoken critic of Barack Obama.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: It is a known fact that Schwartz was a critic of the Obama government of the American policy specially the ‘kill list’ and suspicion still surrounds his death. What do you make of it, first of all?

Jones: Well, he was openly saying he was going to fight the charges; they were fraudulent; he was going to beat them and so I believe they probably actually killed him, not that they harassed him until he committed suicide – They could hang me in my home and say that I committed suicide. This is a very dangerous precedent.

One of the friends of the supposed Boston bombing patsies who said he thought it was the government doing it, he was shot through the top of the head by the FBI during an interrogation.

So in America now, you don’t get a judge or a jury or a trial, the FBI just drops by and hangs you or shoots you in the top of the head.

And there is no doubt – I know people that knew Schwartz; I know people that are off-record talking about the Boston bombing brothers as well and there is doubt from their research that this entire thing is a staged event.

Press TV: Earlier in May a court in the US sided with the prosecution in keeping evidence secret with regards to the case against Schwartz that was about illegally downloading information from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and other networks, so to speak. It raises the question over what is it that they want to hide?

Jones: Aaron Schwartz was facing 35 years in prison for downloading stuff basically for the MIT library. Most of the stuff was 30, 40, 50 years old.

They were persecuting him because he led the real effective grass roots movements for internet freedom here in the United States. And he was against the big corporations that are setting up a kind of a corporatocracy here that in the words of CNET news, CBS news is a Chinese style, a communist style, a Russian Style net censorship.

So, what happened was, he was against government web censorship and so they basically harassed him and hounded him and charged him for 35 years in jail for something that would be like Jaywalking – walking across the street. They then said he committed suicide, but I don’t buy that. I have known Pulitzer Prize winners like Gary Webb who exposed CIA drug dealing who told me he was being followed and that he had a big book coming out and he got shot twice in the head.

So, it gets beyond them harassing him, in my view and my research, until he committed suicide. I believe that clandestine forces, maybe even corporate forces that want this 100 billion dollar a year cyber security spy grid, killed Aaron Schwartz.

Press TV: Right now we’re going to see the trial of Bradley Manning starting soon as well. This is a time that many are asking questions over what is the future of people like Schwartz in the US?

Jones: The future is death, unless we all stand together. We have mainline reporters that do interviews with people from the State Department on issues like North Korea, that’s not even secret information and they’re getting arrested, the State Department people and journalists.

So this is a persecution against real media and against the conscience of America. America is full of moral, good people, but we’ve been very, very naïve about how corrupt the globalists are. And so now the people are waking up, they’re trying to persecute the press and whistleblowers. There is a war going on against truth tellers and people that have conscience in America.

But I’ll say this in closing – I believe the persecution of whistleblowers, the persecution of government people, and the persecution of media has now backfired. The people have got past their fear and you’re going to see a lot more whistleblowers.

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