Bruce Sargent
December 31, 2009

Cover stories are now being published to bury the facts brought forth by Kurt and Lori Haskell.


The Detroit New reports that Ron Smith of US Border Patrol has changed the government story from the second man who was arrested for carrying bomb material onto Detroit NWA flight 253 and led away in handcuffs” doesn’t exist and it never happened” to “Oh my goodness, yes, we just discovered he does exist and he was led away in handcuffs” but for and entirely unrelated reason to the bombing of the flight and no you can’t know any more about this or about him. It’s a secret.” This story employs classic CIA procedure of what to do when caught in a lie. You admit a little of the truth and redirect the lie. Pretty hard to confirm or deny this report without more information like who was this man? and for what was he arrested? and why can’t we learn more? This behavior of first denying the man’s existence and then in the face of overwhelming and unimpeachable evidence creating what from all appearances is a cover story reeks of an intelligence operation. What is profoundly upsetting about considering this is that it points to the possibility of my own government attempting to murder its own citizens on an airline flight to create a “terrorist” incident that would create public support for an attack on Yemen, likely to gain the oil resources in that country. The intelligence cover story also has the Dutch and Israeli security company now reversing its earlier position of saying that the bomber, Abdul Mutallab, passed through Schiiphol without showing a passport to saying that Mutallab showed a valid passport and visa to pass through. I don’t suppose we could see that passport with its stamps for Yemen that would have flaggedMutallab and prevented him from boarding. I don’t suppose that we’ll be offered confirming video tape evidence of this “event” and will have to accept the claim without supporting evidence. Questions: Why did it take five days to discover this “fact” and why was the original story put out in the first place? and why didn’t the passport stamps for Yeman flag Mutallab? Again it appears to me that the bombing of flight 253 was a US run intelligence operation and the investigation continues to be a US run intelligence operation.

[efoods]The elder President Bush once said something to the effect that “If the public knew all of the facts of what really happened they would chase people down the street and lynch them.”

The whole government effort around flight 253 smells like an intelligence cover up of an intelligence operation. If facts emerge that the attempted bombing was an US intelligence operation it would be tempting to follow Poppa Bush’s advice. Yet I would advocate the full weight of US terrorist law be applied to the operatives who carried out this attempted bombing and I would advocate bringing a case of accessory to the crime against officer Ron Smith of the US Border Patrol for his part in attempting to cover up the crime.

I would also advocate that Kurt and Lori Haskell refrain from use of small airplanes in the future. I would also advocate that the Haskells create police sketches as soon as possible of those of those who may have supported Mutallab.

Update: Comment by Lori Haskell:

Really great post. This is Lori Haskell. Even more ddisturbing info came out today on mLive. Now the FBI has changed their story AGAIN and is stating that a second man from our flight was NOT arrested, that it was actually a guy from another flight and that many flights were walking thru our area of customs. This is a total lie. The man we saw detained stood by us and exited the plane with us. Also, the area we were standing in had been emptied before we got there and nobody but us and police/customs/FBI were there. This is getting really scary for us. The FBI is very obviously covering something up for some reason. Anyway, thanks for the supportive posts.

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