Press TV
March 11, 2011

Following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the northeastern island of Honshu in Japan, the US has issued tsunami alerts along most of the Pacific Coast.

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After tsunami alerts were issued for Japan, Russia, and the Maiana Islands, other locations along the Panific Coast, including Hawaii, Mexico, Chile, and Peru have also recieved alerts by a US tsunami warning agency.

The West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said that a tsunami may strike Hawaii and the West Coast.

“With an earthquake of this size, we could definitely see some water on the West Coast,” said a watcher at the center, Cindy Preller.

Preller’s statement held that residents of the sparsely populated western Alaskan islands should evacuate beaches.

Japan’s earthquake struck about 382 kilometers (237 miles) northeast of Tokyo at 2:46 p.m. (05:46 GMT) on Friday.

Following the quake, a four meter tsunami has hit Japan’s Pacific coast.

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Powerful waves hurled ships and cars into the Japanese port town. The meteorological agency has issued an alert for the evacuation of the entire coast, warning of a six-meter tsunami.

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