Judge Barry Williams denied a motion to dismiss charges against six Baltimore police officers charged in the death of 25-year-old African-American resident Freddie Gray, local media reported on Wednesday.

The judge also refused to recuse the office of State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby from the case, the Baltimore Sun reported.

In May, The Baltimore Police Department requested that the State’s Attorney for the city of Baltimore Marilyn Mosby recuse herself from prosecuting the Freddie Gray.

Gray died of spinal cord injuries on April 19 sustained in police custody. His death prompted protests throughout the United States against police violence and riots in the city of Baltimore.

The motion listed five reasons why Mosby should recuse herself. They include seizing of personal gain by Mosby and her husband; personal relationships with individuals who will be witnesses at the trial; her role as investigator in the Gray case; a pending civil claim against Mosby and her office; and the financial interest for the Gray family, who Baltimore police say is a close friend of Mosby.

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