At least 300 civilians have been killed in just 11 air strikes by the US-led coalition, a report has found amid concern for families trapped in Isis’ stronghold of Mosul.

Amnesty International urged the Pentagon and its allies to “come clean” about the full extent of deaths in operations against the so-called Islamic State, with official inquiries so far acknowledging only dozens of casualties.

Assessing reports from the ground, eyewitness interviews, satellite imagery, photos and video footage, investigators said US Central Command (Centcom) may have “failed to take necessary precautions to spare civilians and carried out unlawful attacks” in Syria.

The 11 coalition attacks reviewed by Amnesty include strikes during operations to drive Isis out of Manbij over the summer, when more than 100 civilians, including children, where reportedly killed in the villages of al-Tukhar, al-Hadhadh and al-Ghandoura in their homes and at a market.

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