Christmas won’t be the same for a Florida family after their beloved pet pooch was killed defending them from a knife-wielding attacker.

Six-year-old Lucy, a pit bull terrier, was stabbed in the neck after trying to keep the invader at bay.

An argument in the city of Fort Myers turned violent after 48-year-old Walter Williams arrived at a house to see his ex-girlfriend Lisa Potts. Williams was brandishing a knife and threatened Potts.

Letting her instincts get the better of her, Lucy the pit bull rushed to defend her family member as she lunged towards the attacker, only to get a knife in the neck for her troubles.

“Lucy lunged at him and he caught her right in the neck. She still was fighting him, and that’s when all three of my sons jumped on Walter and held him down to the ground,” Potts said, as cited by WBBH.

Potts mentioned that Williams had stabbed one of her sons in the arm, but added that things could have been much worse but for Lucy’s heroic actions.

“If it wasn’t for her, man, I’m telling you. He could have killed one of us,” she said.

Lucy had been with the family since she was a pup, but tragically she had to be put down the day following the attack after succumbing to her injuries.

“I’ll remember her. She did her job. She did what she was supposed to do, and I am going to make sure that she leaves her name on this earth,” Potts’ son Rodrick Gibbons said.

Williams was arrested by police and charged with battery, News Press reported.

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