Press TV
August 8, 2011

A prominent political analyst says he believes the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are responsible for fueling violence in Syria.

“This is an American decision. I guess they are telling people from Lebanon or from Turkey, the borders of Jordan to smuggle arms to the gangs in Syria,” Lebanese University professor Mohsen Saleh said in an exclusive interview with Press TV.

The remarks come after Lebanese forces confiscated two separate shipments of weapons which were destined to Syria for opposition forces.

Saleh added that the Riyadh’s recent decision to recall its ambassador from Damascus had been taken under Washington influence.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain have summoned their ambassadors from Syria.

On Sunday Saudi King Abdullah condemned the ongoing violence in Syria and described the situation as unacceptable.

This comes despite Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the bloody crackdown of anti-regime protesters in Bahrain.

Syria has accused the United States and Saudi Arabia of interfering in its internal affairs. Damascus blames foreign-backed armed gangs for the ongoing violence.

Saleh concluded that Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah was pursuing the US interest in the Middle East.

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