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May 19, 2012

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SCREWED! Dick And Eileen’s New Book Is Available! … Iran Gives Chavez Missiles To Hit The US. In “Screwed!,” we document that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has cemented an alliance with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his terrorists to base missiles in South America that can hit American cities. – Dick Morris.com (5/7/12)

Panetta: Iranian influence in South America akin to ‘expanding terrorism’ … Tehran’s efforts to expand its circle of influence in South America is tantamount to exporting state-sponsored terrorism into the region, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said … Iran’s recent diplomatic push into South America could help Hamas and Hezbollah expand their foothold in the region. – The Hill (04/23/12)

Iranian leader seeks support in South America … Mahmoud Ahmadinejad begins regional tour in Venezuela amid rising tensions with West over Iran’s nuclear programme. Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, has dismissed a US warning to avoid close ties with Iran, denouncing what he said was Washington’s attempt to dominate the world as he welcomed the Iranian president to the Latin American nation. – Al Jazeera (9/1/11)

Obama says G8 in agreement on Iran nuclear program … U.S. President Barack Obama said on Saturday leaders of the Group of Eight major economies are committed to continuing the current approach of sanctions, pressure and diplomatic discussions with Iran over its nuclear program. CAMP DAVID, Maryland – Reuters (5/19/12)

A Game As Old As History: The Globalist Hand Behind The Iranian Mullahs … Iran’s fundamentalist clerics have never been independent and militant vis-à-vis the West, but rather have remained subservient to U.S.-British geopolitical interests and goals in the region while pretending to represent the people of Iran and the religion of Islam. − Samam Mohammadi/The Excavator/PrisonPlanet (2/1/12)

It is not enough that the global elites have set Africa and the Middle East aflame. Now they have their sights set on South America.

In the past months, there has been a sharp rise in disinformation and military-industrial rhetoric aimed at the peoples and leaders of Latin American countries. There are reports that the US military is engaged in talks about either expanding or creating new military bases in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

After some 20 years of apparent de-escalation in Latin America, the US is seemingly re-asserting a more formalized and muscular dominance. Of course, a reason is needed.

The proximate (rhetorical) justification is that Iran – Iran! – has been meddling throughout South America and creating a beachhead for terrorist operations against the US. A quick survey of articles on the subject reveals the prevalence of this loony meme: a rhetorical concoction of fact and fiction cooked up by the powers-that-be to justify a tightening of control.

For some reason it is not enough to have behind-the-scenes power in most major Latin American countries. Expanding the FBI’s brief (illegally) to include presences throughout the Americas was not enough. Top US honchos seem to want to formalize a far more intrusive US presence.

This effort can be seen as complementing a considerably more deadly gambit (thus far) in the Middle East. As documented yesterday in the article, “Media Blackout: Elite’s Secret, Continent-Wide War Expands in Yemen,” a massive, undeclared war is raging in a continent-wide region containing a billion people or more.

Countries involved include (in no particular order) Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, among others.

That this tremendous logistical-military effort could develop over the past decade almost unremarked upon is a further testimony as to the controlled nature of the Western, mainstream press. It is a bit like having the US and its allies involved in a full-spectrum war with Japan circa World War II that is neither acknowledged nor reported on.

And now this circuitous strategy is obviously being aimed at South America. The South American gambit does not yet look to include the kind of massive warfare that has descended on Africa and the Middle East, though perhaps that’s only a matter of time.

What is clear is that the groundwork is being laid for an increasingly formalized takeover of Latin American governments at the very topmost level. This is likely the reason for the US’s obsession with placing and maintaining 1,000 military bases around the world.

Left wing critics believe that the military-industrial complex itself is behind this approach. But this is a gambit initiated and implemented by the global elite itself.

This group of apparently dynastic families and their enablers and associates intends to run the world and (thanks in large part to exposure on the Internet) is moving as quickly as it can to secure full-spectrum dominance.

Think of the elites as an organized crime family and the US as the “muscle” that enforces the will of “capos.” Military bases are important within this context. They are a manifestation of control.

No leader of any country, no matter how radical, will easily embark on anti-Western hostilities with a large military enclosure in his or her back yard. More likely, such leaders are influenced by these presences and moderate their behaviors accordingly.

This is, then, what is going on in Latin America … at least until some other more violent or warlike gambit reveals itself. Another layer of control is being implemented via further expansion of the US Leviathan at the behest of its elitist masters.

The phony “Iranian” threat is the trigger mechanism for this neo-colonialist surge. And it is being orchestrated through the usual suspects of radical right-wing think tanks and ideologues like Dick Morris.

Morris, in his latest book, makes a big deal out of discovering an unholy alliance between Iran and Venezuela. But in fact, this whole theory has already been spelled out and is being actively promoted by such entities as the American Enterprise Institute.

Here’s an excerpt from an article posted at AEI published in October 2011 and entitled “The mounting Hezbollah threat in Latin America.”

Over the last several years Hezbollah and its patrons in Iran have greatly expanded their operations in Latin America to the detriment of inter-American security and US strategic interests. Today, Hezbollah is using the Western Hemisphere as a staging ground, fundraising center, and operational base to wage asymmetric warfare against the United States. Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and other anti-American governments in the region have facilitated this expansion by rolling out the welcome mats for Hezbollah and Iran. US policymakers must increase their attention to this problem, expand their assets in the region, and develop a comprehensive strategy to combat this threat in a sustained and meaningful way …

Game Change: Ahmadinejad Meets Chávez … Hezbollah clearly acts as a proxy for Iran—specifically, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Qods Force—globally and in Latin America. Thus, Hezbollah’s escalating presence in the Western Hemisphere can be understood only in the context of its patron Iran’s pursuit of its strategic objectives. In the face of international sanctions for its pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability, Iran has invested heavily in a global strategy to break its diplomatic isolation, develop new sources of strategic materials, and undermine US influence wherever opportunities exist.

To these ends, Iran has made the Western Hemisphere a priority, expanding its number of embassies in the region from six in 2005 to ten in 2010. [11] The real game-changer, however, has been the alliance developed between Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez. Iran has invested heavily in a global strategy to break its diplomatic isolation, develop new sources of strategic materials, and undermine US influence wherever opportunities exist.

See how cleverly the narrative is woven together. Iran … Hezbollah … nuclear weapons … an undermining of US influence …

Of course, in reality there is no “United States” – there are only PEOPLE who make up the US. And chances are very few of them would sit down and come up with a narrative like this.

Why? Because it doesn’t really exist. Nations … national spheres of influence, borders – these are ephemera of elite control, of mind-control, even. The US has no “interests.” People have “interests.”

And then there is the larger issue of exactly who and what “Iran” is. Samam Mohammadi has done an excellent job of showing fairly conclusively that Iran at its very top is run by individuals that have considerable attachments to Western interests and Intel. Just search the Internet for his name and keywords such as “Iran” or “Western control and Iran.”

The elites always try to run both sides of a war or conflict. The threat of an Iranian takeover of South America is ludicrous, even were Iran not at the very top likely controlled by the same elites that control the West.

What is newsworthy is not that Hezbollah is taking over South America but that the elites – and the Pentagon – have decided to use this phony narrative to reassert yet more formal control over South and Central America. This is the story, not Dick Morris’ questionable narrative.

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