Washington will not tolerate “Arab Spring” that threatens puppet dictatorship

Paul Joseph Watson
August 14, 2013

While the world concentrates on the bloody scenes emerging out of Egypt, the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier has been stationed off the coast of Bahrain in response to building protests against the country’s US-backed dictatorship.

Stratfor’s naval update map shows that the USS Nimitz moved towards Bahrain in recent days, with the USS Truman in relatively close proximity as part of its fresh 9 month deployment to the Arabian Gulf.

“The timing is instructive – pro-democracy protestors are preparing to demonstrate for human rights in the capital, Manama, writes Afshin Rattansi. “The Nimitz, lead Flat-top of President Obama’s Carrier Strike Group 11, rolled into harbor as if to say out loud: “The United States will not tolerate democracy in this island kingdom, home to the US Fifth Fleet. The USA supports the dictatorship installed here in the 18th century.”

Despite massive protests planned for today, “a tight security clampdown appears to have stopped large-scale demonstrations in the city,” reports the Associated Press, with the Bahraini prime minister having vowed to “punish” anti-government protesters.

Attempts to stage an “Arab Spring” revolution in Bahrain have been brutally crushed by the regime and its ally Saudi Arabia.

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While the US corporate media has dutifully sold the Syrian uprising as a grass roots revolution, when in reality it was quickly hijacked by radical jihadists and Al-Qaeda terrorists, there has been virtually zero coverage afforded to Bahrain’s struggle for freedom. That probably has plenty to do with the fact that the country is a key launch pad for any future US attack on Iran and the regime is a compliant puppet state for US hegemonic interests.

When former CNN journalist Amber Lyon made a documentary highlighting the royal dictatorship of Bahrain’s crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators, CNN International refused to air the film and Lyon was later fired. It subsequently emerged that the Bahraini regime was paying CNN to portray the country in a positive light.

Meanwhile, the next destination of the USS George Washington, currently positioned near Japan, remains “classified”.

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