WASHINGTON, D.C. – Infowars.com has obtained a copy of an email being circulated among retired U.S. senior military officers regarding his request to be granted immunity as a condition of his testimony from prosecution in exchange for his testimony before the House and Senate intelligence committees.

The body of the email is reproduced here without editing, except for clarifications added into the text with brackets.  The email discussion appearing in parenthesis is in the original email.

A careful analysis of the email reveals a growing consensus among retired senior U.S. military that the Democrats are scapegoating Flynn as part of a Democratic Party partisan agenda to delegitimize the Trump presidency.

On Friday morning, President Trump tweeted, “Mike Flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt (excuse for big election loss), by media & Dems, of historic proportion!”

The email being circulated among retired senior U.S. military consists of the following eight points, produced here in their entirety:

  1. LTG Flynn seriously and in an outright manner criticized the Obama administration while Mike was active duty as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), for their severely underestimating the threat, at least publicly understating the threat, of the rather rapid rise of ISIS.
  2. Throw in the backdrop of ISIS being created and logistically supported by the Obama Administration, specifically the arms shipments the U.S. Administration originally facilitated to equip and train the Libyan militias that overthrew and eventually murdered Gadhafi, and using to attack and kill a standing U.S. Ambassador during the 11-12 September 2012 attacks at Benghazi.  Stevens was no longer of use to the Obama administration, but as our report reflects (again, thank you), putting him in danger and then not getting all our people (30+) out of Benghazi was truly a Dereliction of Duty by a whole lot of folks.
  3. LTG Flynn is fired from DIA by Obama via [James] Clapper, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency [from 1992 until 1995].  They, of course, had buy-in by (the Muslim) [John] Brennan [director of the CIA from March 2013 to January 2017]  (who according to one of his contract staff, many of the worker bees at CIA despise).
  4. LTG Flynn begins to get even by retiring.  He backs Trump, then triumphs over Obama, Clapper and Brennan by Trump’s getting elected.
  5. LTG Flynn further “one-ups that” by being selected as NSA [National Security Advisor to President Trump].
  6. The Left (led by Obama in his position as lead opponent of America) leak classified, get Flynn removed by Trump (a bad decision by President Trump, unless justice somehow is served).
  7. Flynn says he’ll testify with immunity.  To me, this makes sense.  He has no idea who is shooting at him, as his “Six O’clock” is full of “Bandits” or at the least “Unknowns”, who could turn out to be bad guys in a heartbeat.  Mike knows this.  We discussed this in detail one Saturday afternoon while he waited for air transport to who-knows-where with the rest of Trump’s inner circle.  I enumerated in detail who I thought he needed to watch out for by name.  He agreed with all I suggested (save for one).
  8. Given the apparent lack of support from even President Trump, I’d say Flynn needs all the support he can get.  Immunity gives him an edge he definitely would not have otherwise.

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