A recent government report reveals that the Americans have started to quit smoking. The report showed that the US smoking rate has dropped below 18% for the first time since last year. This means that there are about 42 million smokers in the United States, same as it was in 2012.

The recent survey was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and released the results on Wednesday, November 26. The study showed that among the 42 million smokers were the less educated and the poor.

The US smoking rate has been stalling at about 20% for a few years, until it started to drop a couple of year ago. In a survey conducted last year, about 17.8% of Americans said they were regular smokers.

Medical studies show that smoking is the country’s leading cause of illnesses. Smoking is responsible for most of the lung cancer and is the leading factor that causes heart attacks and other heart-related diseases.

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