Bryn Mickle
The Flint Journal
May 15, 2009

The black helicopter crowd’s worst fears of a New World Order are coming true.

[efoods]The military is invading Burton.

But it promises to only stay a week.

The U.S. Special Operations Command is using Burton as a training ground for military exercises.

Sometime over the next day or two, a military spokesman said residents may see low-flying helicopters buzzing overhead.

People may even catch a glimpse of special operations forces, but the goal is to keep the exercise as low key as possible.

“Chances are that most people won’t see them,” said Naval Lt. Nathan C. Potter, a spokesman for the exercises.

Citing safety and security concerns, the military is being mum on details about the exercises, including the size of the force being trained.

There’s also no word on where exactly the operations will take place, although Potter said soldiers could be working in neighborhoods and industrial sites.

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