Press TV
September 6, 2011

Student organizers rallied their colleagues and others to support the Palestinian Authority (PA) bid in the UN later this month.

“We are here to advocate the 194 members of United Nations. We want to show (President Barack) Obama that we don’t accept the lack of support,” Yazan Mustara, the co-founder of Students for Statehood, told Press TV on Sunday.

Recent reports reveal that the Obama administration has flatly refused the Palestinian request, telling acting PA Chief Mahmoud Abbas that it would use its voting power as a member of UN Security Council to veto the Palestinian statehood bid.

“As an American why we pay for this occupation, why our tax dollars making this happen, making these people living turmoil. You know we wake up and we decide to vote against to make changes happen, we’re going to continue and these people deserve the same freedom we have here,” said a student protester.

But the UN General Assembly vote is poised to accept Palestinian nationhood, at least to a nonvoter observer state from its current status of nonvoting “entity.”

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