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January 27, 2012

Rivals to Megaupload have seen a huge rise in traffic after file-sharing site Megaupload was shut down by the FBI and its flamboyant founder arrested in a high-profile raid. 

After the FBI shut down file-sharing site Megaupload and charged staff such as flamboyant founder Kim Dotcom – formerly Kim Schmitz – with copyright violations, users have flocked to rivals such as RapidShare, Hotfile and 4Shared.

If the American authorities hoped that the move would dent the popularity of such ‘cyber-locker’ sites which are mainly used for sharing music and video for free they have been very much mistaken.

Rapidshare, Hotfile and 4Shared, have reaped the rewards of the arrest of Megaupload’s ‘pirate captain’ Kim Dotcom.

One site, 4Shared, which has 2.5bn page views per month, is now twice the size Megaupload was before it shut down and the others have seen the numbers using their services nearly doubled.

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