Mike Adams
April 23, 2011

In a new video posted today (link below), I argue that using police officers to enforce a Big Pharma medication agenda is not merely a violation of civil rights, but a crime against human rights. It is a grave misuse of state power and a waste of law enforcement resources that are already stretched thin across the country.

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The video concerns the case of Maryanne Godboldo, the Detroit mom who was raided at gunpoint after refusing to allow Child Protective Services to kidnap her daughter. What was Maryanne’s supposed “failure” at parenting? She refused to give her daughter a psychiatric medication prescribed by her doctor — a medication that even the state now admits the daughter didn’t need.

After she refused, CPS called the police who brought guns onto the scene. Maryanne, in an effort to protect her daughter, warned the police to go away. When they broke in through her front door, she allegedly fired a warning shot to let them know she would protect her daughter against armed intruders. This resulted in the SWAT team being called in, and a 12-hour standoff ensued.

Maryanne is now facing multiple felony charges, including “obstruction of a law enforcement officer.”

It is the duty of honest citizens to obstruct cops who are committing crimes

And yet, I ask the question: Was it not Maryanne’s duty to obstruct those law enforcement officers when they are in the process of committing a crime?

Those who blindly believe in state power without understanding the principles of freedom mistakenly believe that cops have the right to do anything they want. The badge, they think, gives them the ultimate power to commit their own crimes in the name of the state. But this simply isn’t true: Cops are required to both uphold the law and exercise discretion in the enforcement of law.

If you spotted a cop raping a 13-year-old girl in a dark alley, would you simply walk away and say, “Oh, it’s okay because he’s a cop” ?

Of course not. You’d call somebody or perhaps take action of your own such as pulling a gun on this cop and demanding he stop raping the girl. At least, that’s what I would do.

What would you do if you saw cops ransacking a convenience store and stealing cash while beating the store clerk? Would you say that’s perfectly fine because they carry badges? Of course not: You would call in other cops to arrest these rogue cops.

What if you saw a gang of armed cops about to commit a kidnapping crime and breaking in the front door of the house belonging to an innocent family? Would you do something about it? Janet Napolitano urges Americans: “If you see something, say something.” But of course the government doesn’t want you to say something about their own agents committing felony crimes: They want you to spy on your neighbors at Wal-Mart.

But Maryanne Godboldo did something. She took decisive action to protect her family against an armed gang of rogue cops engaged in a conspiracy to kidnap her daughter. That they were wearing a badge is irrelevant to the undeniable facts that they were involved in violations of Maryanne’s civil rights, violations of human decency guidelines, and violations of the law.

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Why we need local law enforcement

I believe in the importance of local law enforcement. In fact, I’ve written about it many times (http://www.naturalnews.com/005341.html). But today, I’m warning cops to rethink what they’re doing when they are called into enforce a medication agenda of a child.

For one thing, it’s a waste of cop resources. Cops did not go through training just to force moms to drug their teenage children. Cops should be used for far more important things like arresting rapists and murderers. Keeping the peace and so on.

Secondly, if cops keep doing this, sooner or later cops are going to get shot by moms or dads who are better armed than Maryanne allegedly was. This is inevitable unless the cops back off and stop this senseless enforcement of “gunpoint medicine.”

Can you imagine the tragedy if a cop ends up being fatally shot over the state’s insane desire to force a parent to medicate her child with a dangerous psychiatric drug? That’s what it has come to in America, unfortunately. America is now a medical police state where the refusal to drug your own children results in armed agents of the state breaking down your front door and kidnapping your child. It sounds like something out of a dystopian fiction novel, but it’s a reality right here in America, right now.

In every society, we need officers of the peace. But those officers have a duty and a moral obligation to engage in keeping the peace, not escalating the tyranny. When so-called “peace officers” become the terrorists themselves — when they are the ones raiding the homes of innocent families for no justifiable reason — then the police have become a threat to our freedoms and our communities. It is at that point that citizens must rise up against the police and take back their freedoms, their civil rights, and their human rights. The police exist to serve the public, not to rule over them.

As a former board member of a law enforcement non-profit in Arizona, I encourage cops all across the nation to think carefully about what you are doing. I urge police officers everywhere to deny CPS requests to take away children from their parents when the CPS complaints are based solely on the parent’s refusal to drug their child with dangerous psychiatric drugs. Good cops should simply say NO to bad enforcement requests.

After all, if you’re a cop reading this, you know that sending you in to enforce a medication scheme is a total waste of your time and training. It is an insult to you and your badge. It is an affront to everything the good men and women in blue stand for: Protecting and serving the public.

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Because I do not remember any cops swearing an oath to protect and serve the interests of the pharmaceutical corporations. And yet that’s exactly what they are now being forced to do through Child Protective Services and these insane doctors who think every child needs a mind-altering psychotropic drug to be “normal.”

Watch my full video commentary at:


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