September 14, 2012

A call placed to the University of Texas in Austin this morning claims al-Qaeda has planted “numerous bombs” on campus. in Austin reports that all buildings on campus have been evacuated. “Everyone has been told to get as far away from campus as possible.”

“UT says a man claiming to be with Al Qaeda called President Bill Powers at 8:35 a.m. to say bombs would go off in 90 minutes.”

A campus-wide email has been sent to all students, according to the Dallas News. “Evacuation due to threats on campus immediately evacuate all buildings get as far away from the buildings as possible. Further information to come,” the email reads.

Police are characterizing the call as a general bomb threat.

The threat comes as violent protests erupt in the Middle East in response to a video slandering the Prophet Mohammed.

There are also reports of North Dakota State University being evacuated due to a similar threat.

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