Randall Jeppesen
September 11, 2009

[efoods]LINDON — Lindon city is remembering 9/11 by holding a citywide emergency drill.

Police Chief Cody Cullimore said natural disaster drills took place Friday morning in every school in the city. “So that we could safely account for every child in the school and determine if the buildings are OK to shelter those children,” he said.

A large-scale drill is set for Friday night. Police sirens will be sounded throughout the city around 6 p.m.

“The goal at that point is to account for every citizen of Lindon, from the neighborhood level up through an area level, and then to be reported to the emergency operations center,” Cullimore said.

The city’s emergency plan chain of command has the nearly 11,000 residents divided up into three areas. Those areas are divided up into neighborhoods, which in turn are divided up into blocks that have emergency block leaders.

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