Steve Watson
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An otherwise uninteresting article in the Salt Lake Tribune, about Utah representatives receiving different kinds of mail, has thrown up some disturbing information regarding letters about 9/11 truth.

Amongst the stories about Congressmen receiving letters from people who use “Star Trek” stationery, and from kids wanting homework outlawed, we find the following little tidbit:

“Others have written in about 9/11 conspiracies, global takeovers or secret CIA mind-control techniques that “got so crazy we actually had to hand them over to Capitol Police,” he (Legislative assistant Omar Raschid) said.”

Apparently not accepting the government’s version of events surrounding 9/11 may land you in trouble with the cops if you’re writing from Utah.

Questioning the collapse of WTC 7 for example, an incident that was totally ignored by the 9/11 Commission Report, could get you reported.

Asking your elected representative how he or she thinks a man dying from kidney failure in a cave half way across the world was able to organize four breeches of U.S. air defenses in one day might embroil you in a police investigation.

Informing your Congressman of important information which has come to light since the attacks of 9/11, implicating the highest echelons of the government and intelligence agencies in the events which have precipitated two wars in the middle east and seen the evisceration of liberty and the erection of a domestic police state over the last seven years, may be deemed a threat, and might see your details turned over to the authorities.

Residents of Utah, if you believe there is a global elite that functions beyond the realm of governments and may pose a threat to national sovereignty and the freedoms of people around the world, you are clearly thought of as “crazy”.

And one more thing, the CIA is not involved with mind control.

The lesson to be learned here is clear, unless you shut up and watch the daily prole feed from the zombie box in the corner of your living room without questioning anything, you will be considered a possible threat to authority.

Perhaps our readers would care to enlighten Rep. Chris Cannon, Rep. Jim Matheson, Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Rob Bishop, all of Utah, regarding 9/11 truth. Write to them at the link below.

However, be prepared to be reported to the police if you do.

PS – Do not write in on Star Trek notepaper.

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