The Utah GOP quickly distanced itself from Sen. Mitt Romney who voted to convict President Trump.

Romney (R-Utah) made history by becoming the first US Senator to vote to convict a president of his own party.

This led to an unprecedented condemnation by the Utah GOP of its own senator.

“As a party, we strongly disagree with the vote cast today by Senator Romney,” the party stated. “We stand firmly behind our President, whose policies have created unprecedented levels of American prosperity.”

“The impeachment effort has served only to distract America from the serious issues we face, and in November voters will hold Democrats accountable for this distraction.”

Romney, strangely enough, cast his vote to convict despite knowing that other moderate Republicans would not do so, effectively isolating him from his peers.

This is especially odd given that the vote tally to convict was well below the 67 required to remove the president – and it hints at an ulterior motive behind Romney’s disloyalty.

Romney’s vote led to an even stronger condemnation from Trump himself:

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