A GOP caucus in Utah reportedly handed out multiple ballots to voters – and never bothered to check the IDs or credentials of the voters.

One of the voters described the caucus as a vote with “no apparent controls, no credential checks, no ID checks and ballots being handed around like napkins,” with at least 250 ballots passed out to only 120 voters.

“I literally had over 50 ballots in my hand,” the voter wrote on the Godlike Productions forum. “We were told to mark our vote and place our ballot in a tin can.”

“They then asked for a volunteer to hold the can and at this point, most people filed out the door.”

And when he went to visit another precinct caucus, he was handed another ballot without being asked for ID.

“As I left the building, I started overhearing results coming back from other precincts: Overwhelmingly numbers for Cruz, like 70-90% or more,” the voter added. “In one precinct Cruz got around 100, Trump had 2, Kasich 0.”

“Bottom line: They basically are going to post whatever the hell numbers they want.”

There were similar reports of voter fraud and outright lies in Iowa.

For one thing, Marco Rubio was polling at a distant third, yet he managed to finish just one percent behind Trump, and the voting machines used were provided by Microsoft, a major Rubio supporter.


And then the Cruz campaign lied to Iowa voters by claiming Ben Carson was dropping out of the race prior to the vote.

“The Cruz people willfully planted a story on CNN and MSNBC that Ben Carson was getting out of the race and prior to that they have prepared an enormously expensive targeting of a voter identification program of phone numbers and e-mails of those who were for Carson,” election insider Roger Stone revealed. “Those people were then contacted in the hours before the caucus and told ‘CNN has reported Carson is getting out – switch your vote to Cruz!’”

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