The scandal ridden Department of Veterans Affairs has been running a secret program in an effort to confiscate veterans’ guns by sending personal medical and financial information to the FBI. This information is being used to evaluate veterans as mentally incompetent and subsequently bans them from owning a firearm without proper legal backing. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (R) has expressed deep concerns over these VA evaluations:

“But there’s something wrong when a whole class of people get swept up and denied the right to own guns because if you’re on this list with the Department of Justice and you go in to buy a gun…and they see your name, you can’t buy a gun.”

Retired Colonel Scott Mann said that we have to have more confidence in the veterans who have protected our country:

“We’ve got to stop thinking of returning veterans as the island of misfit toys. These guys are high performers, resilient leaders and problem solvers. And frankly, have a lot to bring back to America. Taking away the Second Amendment right doesn’t make any sense.”

The VA is the sole agency that determines if a veteran is incompetent, which puts the burden on the veteran to prove otherwise.

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