Despite the medical establishment’s best attempts to silence the vaccine industry’s countless victims, those affected most are speaking out in hopes to warn others.

Infowars producer Marcos Morales joined Alex Jones to break down a personal vaccine story and revealed the adverse reaction his daughter experienced shortly after a round of shots.

“My way to fight back was I would give people factual information,” Morales said. “I’d give them the articles with the studies, the data and nothing really rang true with them unless my personal side came out and then I would say, ‘Well, you know when my first child came, the second time we visited the doctor we went a little later than our date so the doctor said we had to put four vaccines in that day because we missed the other two.'”

“I was a first time parent, I had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t do my homework obviously and so I went along with it and then that night… she just out-of-control started crying, her eyes were bright read, her head was on fire and she was inconsolable for three days and into the first night her fever spiked to 103.7.”

After calling the doctor, Marcos was told that his daughter was simply experiencing a “normal reaction.”

Unfortunately, countless other children have experienced even worse reactions to vaccines that have caused permanent damage.

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