If you thought that vox populi videos couldn’t get any dumber then think again – the latest example, released on the anniversay of VE Day, illustrates how some Americans don’t even know what World War II was.

On the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II on the European continent, RT’s Lori Harfenist quizzed people in Times Square on their knowledge about the most important event of the 20th century. The results were painful.

“World War II, ever hear of it,” Harfenist asks one woman, to which she responds, “No.”

“You’ve never heard of World War II?,” repeats Harfenist. “No,” insists the woman.

Another man was unable to name who fought in World War II, while an African-American woman thought the conflict was between “George Bush and Saddam – whatever his name is.”

Yet another man passed on the question of who fought in the war, before an older man lamented the fact that young Americans were “ignorant” about their history.

The notion that Americans are getting dumber isn’t just a popularly held belief – it’s a scientific fact. In 2013 it was revealed that, “the average IQ in Western nations dropped by a staggering 14.1 points over the past century.”

Figures also show that SAT scores have been falling in the United States for decades, with other studies showing that our brains are actually shrinking.

It seems that the instantaneous access to information that the Internet has provided has not translated into a more knowledgeable population (unless you consider “knowledge” about Kim Kardashian’s ass or Justin Bieber’s latest escapade to be of any importance).

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