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February 13, 2014

At least three people have been shot dead during anti-government protests in Venezuela.

Both sides are blaming each other for the killings while social media reports allege government backed armed groups were responsible.

The protesters are angry with President Nicolas Maduro’s failure to control inflation, crime and a lack of opportunities for the country’s young.

The marches took place on Venezuela’s National Youth Day.

One protester explained why he was there: “Venezuela is waking up, we’ve had enough of so much insecurity and repression on the part of the state’s public authorities and we are tired and showing it.”

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Venezuela seeks protest leader’s arrest after three dead in unrest

Andrew Cawthorne and Daniel Wallis
February 13, 2014

Venezuelan authorities sought on Thursday to arrest an opposition leader who has been organizing street protests that led to three deaths in the worst unrest since President Nicolas Maduro’s disputed election victory last year.

A judge’s arrest warrant, published in local media, said the 42-year-old hardline politician was wanted on charges ranging from instigating crime to murder and terrorism.

Members of his Popular Will party acknowledged there was a warrant for Lopez’s arrest but would not say where he was.

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