Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura says that the media has been so vicious in its attacks against Donald Trump because the Republican frontrunner is “shaking the system to its core.”

Yesterday, Ventura put his name in the hat to be Trump’s VP, asserting that he, “would give it very serious consideration because anything to break up the status quo of this country.”

The man who beat both Republicans and Democrats running on a third party platform to become Minnesota Governor in 1998 told CNN’s Chris Cuomo this morning that he disagreed with Trump on several issues but that it was “wonderful that he’s shaking the system to its core.”

“We have a government in Washington that’s broken clearly and it needs to be shaken up and Trump is doing and so is Bernie Sanders,” said Ventura, adding that the treatment he received from the media during his run for Governor mirrors what Trump is currently experiencing.

“The media attacks you at every direction but yet the people stand and support you,” said the Governor, “and look at who ultimately won in Minnesota – Jesse Ventura.”

Ventura went on to say he represented the voice of the independent voter in the United States, noting that 64% of Americans didn’t even vote in the 2014 midterm elections, and that he would also consider being on the ticket with Bernie Sanders if asked.

The latest polls for both Trump and Sanders echo Ventura’s point that voters are standing behind both candidates despite negative media attention.

Trump has a significant lead amongst Iowa caucus-goers, while Sanders is ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire for the first time.

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