Aaron Dykes / TruthNews.us | July 31, 2008

Jesse Ventura on Fox News, July 30, 2008

Former Governor Jesse Ventura made the rounds on Howard Stern and Fox News yesterday where he revealed that his decision not to run for Senate was ultimately left up to chance– flipping a coin just an hour before the Minnesota filing deadline.

As Ventura also told the Alex Jones Show a few weeks ago, he was tempted to run, but was concerned about the impact it would have on his wife and children over a six-year term. Ultimately, the former Governor says he was right at fifty-fifty on whether or not to challenge “chicken-hawk” incumbent Norm Coleman (R-MN) and comedian and liberal radio-host Al Franken in a three-way senate race.

Instead, Ventura told Hannity he may even run for president in 2012 because the other positions wouldn’t allow him to ‘bring America back to the Constitution.’ Ventura also warned that the U.S. is on the brink of corporate fascism and attacked the Democrats for aiding President Bush in ‘stripping’ the 4th Amendment and allowing spying on American citizens without a warrant– Ventura says he was personally wiretapped as governor.

HANNITY: You should have run, cause It’s in your blood.

VENTURA: No, because I won’t bother with that one. I’ve been in the executive branch as a mayor and a governor. So if I run, it’ll be 2012 for the big one.

HANNITY: You wanna run for president.


HANNITY: You’re thinking about it

VENTURA: No, I just said if I do, it’ll be for the big one, because there’s no point in going for the other ones. I can’t make the changes that I feel need to happen in America to bring us back to our Constitution.

This suggestion of things to come is surprising– as Ventura has frequently discussed the hypothetical last chapter in his otherwise non-fiction book ‘Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me’ where Ventura writes himself as an candidate for president who is assassinated after his victory looks likely.

He pointed to this chapter during his conversation with Howard Stern & crew, essentially asserting that any candidate who can’t be controlled could not survive to be elected president– a cynical but realistic point, given JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, Huey Long, George Wallace and countless others outside the U.S. Ventura’s perspective comes, in part, from studying the JFK assassination and cover-up extensively.

So, for the former Governor to even flirt with the idea of running for president in spite of the potential danger shows tremendous courage– though he has been fearless in discussing politics.

Indeed, Ventura not has not only discussed controversial subjects like 9/11 on the Alex Jones show and on Howard Stern– but he did so on Fox News and dozens of other shows as well, holding his own and refusing to tone down his statements. His veracity and boldness have indicated that he wouldn’t be easy to control as a political asset.

Ventura is proving to be an influential political voice even without running for Senate– already he has committed to appear at the upcoming anti-war / 9/11 truth concert alongside Willie Nelson and has further agreed to appear at Ron Paul’s parallel GOP convention in Minnesota (August 31-September 2).

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