An Army vet was turned away from a Florence Verizon store for having his service dog.

US Army Vet Curtis Frye says things as simple as going out in public are tough, so his service dog Nick never leaves his side. But Frye says there was one place in the Pee Dee his dog couldn’t go, even though a store sign said otherwise.

More than halfway through the long drive from Boston to Florida, Curtis Frye and his friends had to make a quick stop in Florence. The US Army veteran’s iPhone had been acting up, so Frye dropped by the Verizon store off David H McLeod Blvd.

Frye battles PTSD and anxiety from his 20 years of service, so as always he brought his service dog Nick with him. “It’s very hard for me to get out in public, which is one of the reasons I have a service dog,” said Frye via a Facetime interview. “It gets me interacting with the public and gives me that courage to get out there again,” he said.

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