Veterinarians in Kenya posted a picture of themselves wearing dog cones amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Drs. Gabriel & Denis have made a genius discovery to limit the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) as witnessed by Kate dog and Brookhouse cat. Lol,” the caption reads. “Simple: No touching face. Woof.”

While the photo from the popular vet clinic in Nairobi is likely intended to be a joke, it’s ironic in that dog cones might actually work to keep people from unconsciously touching their faces.

For one thing, there’s been numerous videos of speakers touching their faces while telling their audiences not to do so to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Small business owners are also taking non-conventional methods to limit their exposure so they can continue working.

Here’s a cab driver completely covered in plastic:

And this shop owner took a similar approach:

In addition, Africa, which has a lot of experience with containing outbreaks, has taken novel approaches to improve hygiene in public areas:

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