More than 100 former and current employees of Vice said the media company fostered a “degrading” and “uncomfortable” workplace.

Several women spoke to The New York Times about how they felt they would be punished professionally if they rejected their bosses sexual advances at the millennial-focused global media company — and many agreed that their complaints were downplayed by executives.

“There is a toxic environment where men can say the most disgusting things, joke about sex openly, and overall a toxic environment where women are treated far inferior than men,” Sandra Miller, the former head of branded production at Vice from 2014 to 2016, told The Times.

Founder Shane Smith, who once told the Financial Times in 2012 that in his early days he would be at a “party and would just want to get wasted, take coke and have sex with girls in the bathroom,” issued a statement along with co-founder Suroosh Alvi admitting to running the company improperly.

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