VICE contributing editor and left-wing activist Molly Crabapple has become the latest public figure to joke about wanting to see Donald Trump assassinated.

Crabapple (who was born Jennifer Caban) responded to a viral video which shows a man at a Trump event surreptitiously feeding another man by tweeting, “I’m imagining them as stone cold operatives about to assassinate Trump – who are also adorably in love.”

She followed up with yet another tweet glorifying the would-be assassins as “a handsome married couple who are also assassins tasked with saving America from fascism.”

Crabapple’s followers praised her for invoking the outcome of Trump being assassinated.

Crabapple came to prominence after she began producing art for the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011. Rolling Stone Magazine’s Matt Taibbi later described her as “Occupy’s greatest artist”. She later produced art to illustrate the Ferguson riots. Crabapple has also written for the New York Times, Paris Review, and Vanity Fair.

Crabapple posted another tweet on Monday to announce that she was reading a book about Assata Shakur – the ideological guru for ‘Black Lives Matter’ who is a convicted cop killer and on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted Terrorists’ list.

Crabapple’s tweet once again illustrates how leftists will whine all day about conservatives engaging in mean and hateful rhetoric while themselves spewing vitriol on a regular basis.

Twitter is flooded on a daily basis with threats to assassinate Trump. Most of the tweets are vulgar jokes but some are deadly serious. As Breitbart reported last week, Twitter is noticeably slow at targeting users who make such threats, while conservatives have been suspended for far less serious infractions.

An Egyptian aviation student who made a death threat against Trump on his Facebook page was later visited by the Secret Service and agreed to return to Cairo after his visa was revoked.

“I literally don’t mind taking a lifetime sentence in jail for killing this guy, I would actually be doing the whole world a favor,” wrote 23-year-old Emadeldin Elsayed.

However, it’s not just leftists who have joked about Trump being assassinated.

As we reported last month, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, a self-proclaimed conservative who opposes Trump’s Republican Party candidacy, caused outrage after he joked about how an assassination attempt could end Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

According to his former advisor Roger Stone, Trump now wears a bullet proof vest at all public appearance due to the sheer volume of death threats he receives on a regular basis.

Trump first began wearing the vest in October last year after after reports that the world’s most wanted drug lord El Chapo had put a $100 million bounty on his head. He also received Secret Service protection at around this time.


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