The left-leaning website Vice quickly changed a headline and deleted a related tweet Thursday after calling for Mount Rushmore to be blown up.

An article published by author Wilbert L. Cooper initially carried a headline which read, “Let’s Blow Up Mount Rushmore,” which was later changed to “Let’s Get Rid of Mount Rushmore.”

The article was also sent out on the publication’s Twitter feed, before it was quickly deleted.

As pointed out by media commentator Mark Dice, the original headline title still appears in the article’s URL, or web address.

In the article, Cooper wishfully ponders, “If Rushmore ever did get ‘blown up,’ what should those dudes be replaced with?” after citing a Daily Caller piece in which the author facetiously argued that leftists should be outraged over the South Dakotan landmark.

Cooper says he’d be “onboard” with a “serious push to blow up Rushmore and other monuments like it,” and says it’s “important business for this country” to “demystify the historical figures of the past.”

Despite amending the article with an editor’s note claiming “the use of ‘blow up’ in the original headline” was a rhetorical device, multiple Twitter users took Vice to task.

The alarming headline comes in the wake of President Trump’s Tuesday press conference in which he condemned both sides for the weekend violence in Charlottesville, addressed the removal of statues across the nation and also questioned if presidents George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson would be next targeted.


Update: An image of Vice’s previous headline still appeared on author Wilbert L. Cooper’s Instagram page as of 5:30PM Central – even after Vice deleted their tweet, updated their headline AND altered the story’s URL.

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